Optimized Storage and Warehousing Services

Strategically placed locations providing over 290,000 sq ft of storage capacity and warehousing services.

Aiduk is undoubtedly equipped to support your business needs. Our strategically located warehouses offer businesses an outlet to store goods both on a short or long-term basis, with no minimum quantity or admin fee.

All warehouses have the capacity to house and facilitate various goods of all shapes, sizes, and temperatures.

Optimized Storage Solutions

By harnessing the relevant technologies in warehousing, we are able to deliver storage solutions that bring to our customer's quantifiable benefits in terms of reduced storage space, cargo handling costs, and inventory accuracy through the optimization of storage options and through the streamlining of activities.

We ensure storage space is minimized by optimizing the cargo in 3 axis, viz length, depth and height. This takes into consideration product sizes (especially odd-shaped cargo), packaging, different pallet sizes, handling to avoid damage. The storage strategy used will also impact on fast order picking, replenishment, and inventory accuracy. Barcodes are applied to all racks and bins locations.

Some of the strategies that we deploy are:

  • Palletized (Bulk) Storage
  • Cartonized Storage
  • Bin Storage
  • Spare Parts Storage
  • Conventional Storage

We offer:

  • Storage - Storage capacity for various product types, sizes, and temperatures.
  • Stock Control - Full stock control and customer transparency through our Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • RH&D - Receipt, Handle and dispatch, including fully trained warehouse and forklift staff.

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