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If you’re doing big things online – we’re here to help you do them even bigger and better. Our 2 day shipping and 99.7% success rate applies for all customers… Including those doing over 2,000 orders a DAY.

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There are several moving parts to ecommerce order fulfillment. Each part of the process must be treated as equally important to be successful in providing world class level ecommerce order fulfillment. What are those moving parts? Let’s take a quick peek at each of the various pieces to help you better understand the way ADK can help free up your time by taking these processes off your ever busy hands.


Sending Inventory to your fulfillment center should be painless. Once the products are ordered, coordinating the delivery and then receipt of the products into stock should be a quick and efficient process to get those products ready for customer orders ASAP!

Our detailed receiving requirements and warehouse processes ensure that your products will be received into the system typically the SAME day they arrive! Each shipment is meticulously inspected for damage and compared to the BOL for accuracy prior to accepting the delivery.

Any damage is reported immediately so you can contact your manufacturer or shipper for reimbursement. Once your inventory is scanned into Aiduk’s proprietary cloud-based ecommerce order management system, teqMind's OMS, you’ll receive a notification of exactly what was received, and you’ll see your new inventory numbers on the teqMind's OMS dashboard.

Aiduk Shipment Receiving


Every SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is assigned its own unique location within the warehouse. teqMind's OMS is constantly optimizing the utilization of the space at each location to provide our clients several benefits.

Allocating locations is done based on the amount of Inventory on hand for each individual SKU to minimize the space used per client, which ultimately saves you money, and allows us to store the max amount of inventory efficiently.

The teqMind's OMS also considers the pick path of our employees and higher order volume SKUs are placed in optimized picking paths to allow for faster picking, packing, and shipping of your most popular products.

Aiduk Storage


A seamless integration with your store is paramount to ensuring that the order data is received accurately and processed into teqMind's OMS. With over 70 integrations and Open API for custom integrations, you can be confident that your orders will be received, processed, and visible in your dashboard in real time.

These days most clients are selling on multiple platforms, marketplaces, and their own websites, while some are also using a CRM to manage all the channels. So, whether you are only selling on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento,, eBay, Amazon or you’re selling on several platforms, single-channel or multi-channel ecommerce fulfillment is easy with teqMind's OMS.

All your orders, regardless of how they are sent to teqMind's OMS, are visible in ONE centralized place! This includes your B2C, B2B, wholesale, retail, and distribution orders. View our Integrations page for more detailed information here.

Order & Inventory Management

When you have worked hard to build your brand of ecommerce products, you want to ensure that you have visibility to your inventory and your orders. With teqMind's OMS, our integrated OMS (Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System), you have one place to keep tabs on everything going on with your products.

teqMind's OMS allows you to view, edit, reorder, and create brand new orders in the system simply and easily. You’ll also have access to detailed Inventory information, depletion rates, and reports so that you know exactly when to reorder. Shrinkage is one of the common costs associated with physical products regardless of where they are stored. Inventory shrinkage is lost or damaged products that cannot be sold.

This is to be expected when selling physical products, however, that will not keep you up at night since ADK’s shrinkage rate is .001%, which is far below the industry standard. ADK makes every effort to protect the investment that you have placed in our care.

Returns – Reverse Logistics

There are many reasons that a customer may return your product. At ADK we understand that this part of the process must also be flawless to ensure that you are retaining those customers.

Our dedicated Returns Team can inspect and disposition your returns based on your specific requirements. Items that can be returned to stock will be back on the shelves ASAP to be ready for the next order. teqMind's OMS will show you all current returns, their disposition, and pictures if requested.

Accounting and Billing

Billing transparency is one of our sources of pride at ADK. This was one of the main frustrations our founder faced as a 3PL customer in the past, and he was determined to offer our clients complete transparency for EACH and EVERY charge. There are no hidden fees or costs from ADK. Each potential charge you could ever receive from Aiduk will be explained to you during the sales process so you will know exactly what your fulfillment costs will be.

The Accounting page on your teqMind's OMS dashboard breaks down your fees per order, to give you complete visibility and billing transparency. Monthly statements are available as well as reports and the data can be downloaded to import into your business accounting software or for further analysis. We want you to feel confident and secure that you know everything upfront and will have no surprises hitting your Account.

Client Support

Every Aiduk client is assigned a dedicated account Success Manager. You may be thinking, “What is a Success Manager?”. Well, let me tell you! Your Success Manager is your one, go-to, guru, point of contact for all things ADK. They will be your guide to getting started with us, and they will continue with you every step of the way as you grow and expand your business. They will handle day to day order management, assist you with training on teqMind's OMS, and overall, be a valuable resource for all things related to your ecommerce order fulfillment. They will get to know you and your business and are often used as a sounding board when our clients are making changes to products, adding things like custom packaging, are ready to expand to multiple warehouses, or go International.

With the data and tools available in teqMind's OMS, you and your Success Manager can analyze each new situation to provide you with the most information possible for you to utilize when making a business decision.

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*Aiduk provides order fulfillment services for hundreds of premier online businesses. Please note however, that Aiduk does not have access to, control of, nor authority over, customer orders, charges, or refunds. In order to get information on your shipment, discuss charges, and/or receive refunds, please contact the company from which your purchase was made. Customer service details can usually be found either in an order confirmation email, on the product itself, or on the website from which the product was ordered. Thank you for tracking with Aiduk!