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Connect With an Ecommerce Fulfillment Expert

Tell us more about your business so we can help maximize your order management efficiency. Our fulfillment experts will review your products, inventory needs, and target market to ensure we are the right fit for you.

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Meet Your Success Manager

Each of Aiduk’s clients are assigned their very own “Success Manager” so that ongoing communication is with the same representative each time, every time. The result is a collaborative partnership with a fulfillment executive that knows YOUR business.

  • Create Your Account
  • Setup Online Inventory
  • Integrate Shopping Cart or CRM
  • Software Dash Tutorial

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Integrate Your Ecommerce Online Store

We’ve onboarded thousands of ecommerce merchants and helped some of the fastest-growing brands scale with ease. Your Success Manager will be with you every step of the way. Aiduk has over 70 integrations with CRMs, Shopping Carts and Marketplaces to ensure connecting to our system is fast and easy. Integrations can also be achieved through API calls. Our clients have the option of using our User Interface or modifying their own CRM to integrate with our APIs. Even reports can be generated using API calls!

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...and many more e-commerce systems

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Send Us Your Products

The last step is getting your products into our strategically-located warehousing facilities. We’ll get everything organized, stored, and prepped for efficient shipping. At FDC, we have product receiving down to a science.

Our comprehensive 5-point process begins the moment your product arrives at our facility, where the quantities and product information are checked against the provided packing slip. Any discrepancies are immediately reported to our Success Managers who will promptly notify you and help resolve the issue.

Once product weights and dimensions are verified in our system to ensure postage accuracy, your inventory is stored in its assigned location. Your personalized Aiduk dashboard is then automatically updated to reflect the new inventory levels. After the test order phase is complete, you’re ready to ship!

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Now you can Monitor Everything with the

Have visibility to, and control of the fulfillment process through our proprietary cloud-based platform. Seamlessly monitor your inventory, correct addresses, update orders needing special attention and more from one convenient dashboard.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Manage your inventory levels worldwide. Receive daily reports including anticipated depletion times and alerts to order more.

  • Address Verification

    Automatically identify invalid addresses and has the tools to quickly update information, ensuring timely delivery to your customers.

  • Warehouse Management

    Track inventory levels across all warehouses and suggest inventory routing based on volume metrics.

  • Protective Packaging

    Select the most appropriate packaging to ensure your product is preserved during shipping.

  • Backorder Management

    Our algorithms predict depletion times and recommend inventory count increases.

  • Carrier Optimization

    Identify and select the lowest-cost carrier based on your unique shipping needs.

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*Aiduk provides order fulfillment services for hundreds of premier online businesses. Please note however, that Fulfillment.com does not have access to, control of, nor authority over, customer orders, charges, or refunds. In order to get information on your shipment, discuss charges, and/or receive refunds, please contact the company from which your purchase was made. Customer service details can usually be found either in an order confirmation email, on the product itself, or on the website from which the product was ordered. Thank you for tracking with Aiduk!